Ending my tenancy

Moving home can be a busy time with lots to do.

Our handy checklist lets you know what you must do before moving.

How much notice do I need to give?

You must give us at least 28 days' notice in writing of your plans to move out. Contact your housing officer as early as you can.

What do I need to do to the house?

It’s important to leave the home clean, empty and in a reasonable condition. You must repair or replace any broken fixtures and fittings you are responsible for before you leave.

If we have to carry out repairs which you are responsible for, need to clean the property, or have to arrange for items to be moved, we may charge you.

Who else do I need to tell about ending my tenancy?

You must tell your gas and electricity suppliers so they can read your meters.

Other people you may need to tell are:

  • bank or building society
  • your children’s school or nursery
  • the Housing Benefit and Council Tax offices
  • your doctor
  • your dentist
  • the job centre
  • the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority.

You should also fill in a change of address form which you can get from a post office. If in doubt, speak to your housing officer.