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AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates

Burnside Terrace and Burnside Court, Falkirk

New kitchens and boilers

£297,00056May 2017
Inchyra Place, GrangemouthNew windows and external doors£355,00055May 2017


AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
Keppochhill Road, SpringburnNew bathrooms  2018/19
Moffat Street, GorbalsNew kitchens and boilers£140,00026June 2017

Ryehill Road and Quarrywood, Barmulloch

New kitchens and boilers

£92,00021Sep 2016
Maryhill Road, Maryhill

New kitchens and bathrooms

£118,00031Aug 2016
Keppochhill Road, SpringburnNew kitchens£117,00027Jan 2016


AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
Broomlands Court, PaisleyNew bathrooms  2018/19
Broomlands Court, PaisleyNew controlled door entry system  2018/19
Thomson Street and Graham Street, Johnstone

New windows and rear doors at block No.8

£34,00026Aug 2017
Thomson Street and Graham Street, Johnstone

New kitchens and boilers

£135,00026Feb 2017
Houston Court and Fulbar Street, RenfrewWindow upgrades and new bathrooms£81,00019Oct 2016

Ryewraes Road, Linwood

New external doors£60,00030Sep 2016

Ryewraes Road, Linwood

New kitchens and boilers£130,00030Jan 2016
Thomson Street, Graham Street and Buchanan Way, JohnstoneNew kitchens and boilers£186,00042Jan 2016
Queen Street, PaisleyNew kitchens and boilers£167,00028Aug 2017
Carlile Place, New Sneddon Street and Back Sneddon Street, PaisleyNew kitchens and boilers£200,00039Aug 2017
Broomlands Court, PaisleyNew kitchens£130,00034Jan 2016
Muirhead and Stirling DriveNew windows and external doors£130,00031Nov 2017

North Lanarkshire

AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
St James Way, CoatbridgeNew patio doors  2018/19
St James Way, CoatbridgeNew external doors£55,00048Feb 2017
Ladysmith Street, English Street and McGregor Street, CraigneukNew bathrooms£45,00039Oct 2015
St James Way, CoatbridgeNew bathrooms£75,00048Nov 2015

South Lanarkshire

AreaImprovementsCostNumber of homesDates
Smyllum Road, LanarkNew bathrooms  2018/19
Fergusson Place, East KilbrideNew external doors, windows and upgrades to porch areas£162,00022Aug 2017
Church Lane and Union Street, CarlukeNew kitchens and boilers£132,00022Feb 2017
Mill Road, HamiltonNew kitchens and boilers£163,00030Feb 2016
Smyllum Road, LanarkNew kitchens£126,00035Jan 2016