Bathroom safety

Avoid scalds and burns by following our bathroom safety tips.

Did you know hot bath water causes the highest number of severe scalding injuries among young kids?

Our bathroom safety advice can help keep you and your little ones safe:

  • keep an eye on children while running the bath, not just when they are in it. If you can, keep the bathroom door closed while it's running
  • when filling a bath, run the cold water first and then add hot water. Mix the water well to avoid hotspots
  • only put your child in the bath when you’ve checked the temperature. You’re more likely to feel if it’s too hot if you use your elbow
  • keep dangerous medicines, cosmetics and cleaning products high up in a cabinet out of reach of children or in a locked cabinet.

Candle safety

If you have lit candles in the bathroom, you should:

  • use a proper candlestick holder
  • put candlestick holders on flat, heat-resistant surfaces – never on cushions or plastic – and make sure they don’t get knocked over
  • keep candles clear of clothes and curtains
  • put candles out properly before leaving the room and never leave a lit candle alone – even for a few seconds.

Scald prevention packs

Our scald prevention packs can help vulnerable tenants stay safe in the bathroom.

The packs include a floating bath thermometer, a colour-changing plug and a bath mat which changes colour if the water in the bath reaches a certain temperature.

The bathing safely packs are available to all tenants of Wheatley's social landlords and will help customers stay safe when using their bath.

To request a pack please get in touch with your housing officer.