Mid and full-market rents

There's a big demand for more homes – but not everyone qualifies for social housing.

Tenants are delighted with new homes at Ferry Village

Mid-market rent homes are available to people who are working and earning between £21,000 and £40,000.

They offer alternative affordable housing for those on a modest income and who may not qualify for social housing, be able to buy their own home or afford full-market rent.

Our mid-market homes are owned by Loretto but let and managed by our sister organisation, Lowther Homes.

Lowther Homes developments owned by Loretto

Click on the Google Map links to see the developments, including:

AreaStatusTenureNumber of homesCompleted
Muiryhall Street, CoatbridgeOn siteMid-market242018/19
Barclay Street, phase 2On siteMid-market172018/19