Watch: Why my new Loretto home is the best I've ever had

NEW Loretto tenant Helen Boyle says her new home in is the best she’s ever had.


Watch: My new Loretto home is the best I’ve ever had

Helen Boyle says she's come full circle after moving into her new Shawbridge home

Helen, 63, moved into her new two-bedroom flat in Shawbridge Street, Glasgow, last month.

Her new home is on the same site as the GHA high-rise block at Shawbridge Street which was demolished in 2016 – and where she lived from the age of 15 onwards.

Helen said she’s come full circle – and that the new homes are not just a fresh start for her, but for the Pollokshaws area as a whole.

Check out our video above – and hear Helen talk about how her new home has transformed her life.

Thursday, April 18, 2019