Flower Power! Older tenants dig for victory for Festival of Flowers

Older tenants are showing why Glasgow really is the 'Dear Green Place' to mark the 30th anniversary of the Glasgow Garden Festival.

Tenants dig for victory in Flower Festival competition

Livingwell services across Glasgow are competing to transform their outdoor spaces over the summer in their own Festival of Flowers.

It is chance to show the wider community what can be done to make our environments flourish and show why Glasgow truly is the Dear Green Place.

Livingwell tenants are being asked to show off how green their fingers are – and it doesn't matter if they have a small or large space – they could transform a planter or a hanging basket – or take on a big patch of land.

The Festival of Flowers will mark three decades since Glasgow's amazing Garden Festival in 1988, which attracted 4.3 million visitors. There were some incredible attractions, including a Bonsai Garden, railway and the Anniversary Tower.

People across Glasgow have already got busy and made the most of the sunny summer days.

Frank O'Neill, from Crosshilll Avenue in Queen's Park, pictured, above) said: "This is a beautiful complex and I want it to be a nice place for us all to live and be proud of.

"We are busy tidying it up at the moment, and we have some bulbs to plant as well. It is good to encourage people to take an interest and socialise. Hopefully it will show everyone what is possible."

Marie Blake, from Dougrie Terrace in Castlemilk, pictured below, added: "The weather has been wonderful and the plants are thriving. I love gardening, although it really is trial and error. I find it very therapeutic."

Livingwell's Area Care manager, Liz Smith said: "We all have great memories of the Garden Festival and we can't wait to show off what we can do to the wider community. Gardening is great for getting people together, enjoying the fresh air and getting some gentle exercise."

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018